Dolphins at the beach

This Second Day of Christmas was also spent at the beach. This time I picked up Johanna and we went to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. It was like 75-80F and with the wind it was a perfect day to spend in the sand. We were there for a few hours and I think we might have gotten some color, but it’s hard to tell. The sun is weak now. But it was anyhow super awesome. We watched kids snowboarding on sand banks with boogie boards and some kids playing in the waves. I tried to read some, but for some weird reason I have a very difficult time reading on the beach. I keep falling asleep. It’s probably the sound of the waves hitting the beach and the wind caressing my body. Haha!

We saw dolphins today again and this time they were really close to the beach! I’m still really excited everytime see dolphins. It’s so exotic! And I just love them!

After that I had to do some errands, like buying a Christmas gift for my cousins on dad’s side and some extra rubber bands for my Rainbow Loom. I also bought some other stuff that I can’t write about here in case my hostfamily reads this.

I was expecting my hostkids’ cousins to be here when I got back but they weren’t. I wonder where they are. I was excited about meeting them…

I hope it will be nice weather tomorrow again. If it is I will totally be at the beach again. I feel that I have to spend as much time as possible there now, when I still have the chance. In the evening I hope I will go to the movies and see The Hobbit 2!

This looked really fun!

It’s December and this is what it looks like on the beach! But I mean, if it is 25C, where else should one be? 🙂

I think there were four dolphins swimming really close to the shore!

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