The master of car driving

The weather is still very nice. It’s about 20C, and accordning to my phone it is -11 in Gothenburg. I think California is perfect for me! I decided that it was time to take out my sunglasses and use them. The sun is so bright here and it’s hard to drive. I am not comfortable at all with sunglasses (and I don’t want to look like a panda), but I think it is necessary here. Right away my host children complemented me and thought I looked really cool, so I think I’m gonna use them from now on.

Pia went with me in the car in the morning, but then she had to work and I was alone in the car with the children for the first time and it went really well! No problem at all! But I still have a lot more to drive before I am as confident in driving here as I am in Sweden. So I decided to take my car, a Volvo V70 (I am glad I didn’t get an SUV when I’m used to driving a Renault Clio) out for a ride. I followed Palomar Airport Road till I got to the sea. It was pretty far, but I think I took a detour. I have to check a map sometime soon! I got to Carlsbad Blvd and parked the car by the sea. It was amazing! It was so beautiful and I can’t wait until I can go swimming. Or just hang out at the beach, playing som beach volleyball.

I had two more hours of my freetime in the afternoon so I decided to see if I remembered the way to my gym. And I did! And then I went home, and found the right way right away! WITHOUT the GPS! I am really proud of myself. An hour in Carlsbad all by myself and not lost once. Now there are two places I don’t know how to drive to, so i think Pia will help me this weekend!

When I picked them up after school we went to Starbucks, my first visit there ever! I had a Caramel Flan Frapuccino and a cinnamon roll. I don’t want to know how much calories that was… But it was really nice sitting in the sun together having a ”swedish fika”.

Something went wrong with my camera and all the pictures I took of the beach today got really bad. But I’m sure that I will get another chance at taking photos of the ocean and beach here!

Starbucks for the very first time!

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